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101 Marriages (2023) information
101 Marriages (2023)

Also Known As: 101次抢婚 , 101 Ci Qiang Hun , 101次搶婚 , 爱你,是我的地老天荒

Country: Chinese

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Status: Ongoing

Date aired: 2023

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Sheng Shi has been in love with Gu Lan Shan since high school, but Gu Lan Shan is in love with Han Cheng Chi. The proud Sheng Shi could not accept this and finds a way to turn Gu Lan Shan into his woman. Gu Lan Shan feels that Sheng Shi has betrayed their friendship. On the day of the wedding, Gu Lan Shan tries to run through the help of her younger brother who unfortunately gets into an accident. Faced with high medical expenses, Gu Lan Shan turns to Sheng Shi for help, but he uses the situation as a bargaining chip to ask her to marry him. At that time, he believed that love was possession. Two people who don't know how to love enter into a marriage that is doomed from the start. One wants to get closer while the other wants to escape, always leaving the other scarred.

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